Selling A Home During the Holidays - Pros & Cons

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Are you big on Halloween parties, planning the perfect Thanksgiving feast or focusing on the December holiday season?  You might be putting off the sale of your home until January or so?  After all.... who buys houses this time of the year?  In 2020 the answer might just be lots of people.


Contributing factors of a COVID-delayed spring market, pent-up buyer demand , low inventory in the spring and summer months and record-setting low interest rates means that 

for many buyers the hunt for the PERFECT house is ongoing. 


Why not take advantage of all this and list your home during this time of the year! As a past Relocation Director, first hand knowledge supports that sometimes buyers have to make decisions at this time of the year. 

 It is great to be armed with the answers to all the pro and con questions as you ask yourself if selling during the holidays is right for you. 

listing during the holidays, pent-up home demand, don't wait to sell

So many good reasons to tackle putting your home on the market now:

- If someone is looking at homes right now.... they are typically very motivated buyers.  Buyers might need to relocate between semesters or they just haven't found the right house.  Just like everyone else, they are ready to be moved in for their own holiday celebrations.  They might be easier to negotiate with.  Just a thought.

- Buyers this year have had their fill of being disappointed by multiple offer situations due to low inventory.  They have learned to move fast and make an offer before others do.

- Virtual tours of homes makes this the best possible time to sell a home with minimal inconvenience.  It casts a very wide visual net for buyers to see.

- Agents are not quite as busy at this time of the year and may have more time for you.

- So... the house is clean and decorated,  why not list?

listing during the holidays, pent-up home demand, don't wait to sell

 Details to keep in mind though:

- Parties and family gatherings may mean that you need to block off specific times to not have showings or tours.  Again, though, a virtual tour can fill in that blank for you as a good alternative.  

- Holiday travel just means that a little pre-planning is needed.  Have specific plans set up to ensure your agent can open and prepare the house for showings.  Answering questions and negotiating through an offer are certainly made easier now through technology.  

- If a transaction needs to move forward quickly, inspections and appraisals (they are even crazy busy right now) may be somewhat challenging to get scheduled.


If you are ready to list during the holidays, here are a few easy tips on making the listing more appealing:

- Just pull out about 50% of your typical decorations (that may or may not cover most surfaces.)  Less is more, plus it is easier on you.  Concentrate on specific areas that draw a buyer into the room (center of dining table, a few things on the kitchen counter, a simple tree tucked in a corner and a lightly adorned mantle. Consider keeping the other decorations neatly packed away in a closet (pre-packed and ready to go.)

- Don't forget your outdoor spaces!  Keep pathways and surfaces clear of leaves or snow and optimize outdoor lighting making sure buyers can see the home. Create cozy spaces on a porch or terrace and add candles and blankets around the fire pit.  

- Buyers can make decisions within 15 seconds as to whether on not they like a property.  Imagine the scent of fresh baked cookies or spicy candles.  Light a fire in the fireplace.  this can be an emotional experience for a buyer and a comfortable surrounding always helps.  

- Photos are important.  it's a good idea to take them prior to decorating just in case your house is still waiting to be scooped up in January after the holidays.  Photos without decorations will keep it fresh looking after the new year begins.

- Pricing during the holidays is super important.  This isn't the time to "test the market" and hold out for higher pricing but rather to set your price realistically and negotiate the best Net to Seller possible.  

My years of experience in the real estate industry 

are here to help you.  If listing during the holidays is a consideration please let me know how I can help.  

Even if you live in an area outside of my service area, I know many agents across the country that I can connect you with.  

And..... Happy Hollidays,     

Ruth Adams Realtor