The Moving Process

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Real Estate

With a reach that extends far beyond our local market, we can help you buy or sell real estate wherever life takes you. The advantages of working with Ruth on your relocation include:


Because Ruth is a Certified Relocation Specialist proficient and specially educated to expertly manage all aspects of your relocation policy, you can be assured that your relocation benefits will be protected
As a nationally recognized and honored Relocation team, Coldwell Banker is known for exceptional relocation performance which means a smoother move for you
Ruth is well-versed in the procedures, reporting, paperwork management and closing processes to accomplish a fluid transfer
Not only a Relocation Specialist, Ruth is also a past Director of Relocation within the Coldwell Banker brokerage community which can assure you that details are handled and any needed adjustments are made in the process to streamline it for the employee
Probably most important of all…. Ruth and her family have personally transferred and experienced city to city relocations…. so she understands what it takes to deal with a transition to other settings and places and ultimately into homes that are ideal for each personal situation